Best Police Shoe for Police Personnel

Best Police Shoe for Police Personnel

Keyaar Faujimart” is the authorized dealer, manufacturer, and trader of a wide variety of items used by the military, navy, army, police, and different other forces of our country. We are proud to serve our different armed forces by providing them with shoes determined by their department. One of our best products is the “Bighorn”, a well-known safety shoe brand that is highly recommended and used by the officials of various forces. However, the “Bighorn Police Shoe” stands out among them as it is one of the top-selling products for police personnel due to its qualities and high demand. We understand the condition in which our police force works, Therefore, we provide these shoes that are accustomed to any kind of physical activities like long hours standing, running or climbing, in any kind of weather or climatic condition like winter, summer, rain, mud, etc. We use a very experienced team to build our product to ensure that our police officials can perform their duty with complete focus. The “Bighorn Police Shoe” has been selling for over 20 years in the police shoe segment and has stood the test of time along with our police forces.

The “Bighorn Police Shoes” are made of superior quality genuine leather and due to their “light in weight,” they are convenient to wear in any extreme climatic conditions or terrains. We know the importance of the duty of our police forces that is why our brand is dedicated to those who are involved in protecting our citizens and stopping crimes day and night. Only the finest and genuine leather is used in the manufacturing of this product and we also customize these shoes as per customer’s specifications at a competitive price. Our shoes are robust and reliable as they are tested with more than 73 testing machines which assure that the product goes through stringent quality checks. We use a direct injection process using genuine leather upper and direct injection PU soles using machinery manufactured by DESMA. The Bighorn police shoe quality is approved by reputed Laboratories such as FDDI (India) and PFT (Germany).

The “Bighorn Police Shoes” are not only one of the bestselling products of our brand but also one of the most reliable, safe, and comfortable shoes available in the market today which makes them police shoes with a perfect blend of safety assurance and most importantly comfort. The shoe incorporates many qualities in its range of shoes and comes with so many quality features, such as if the policeman is buying the shoes, they are comfortable to wear for long hours along with other features like ankle support, slip-resistant, long-lasting, waterproof, P U sole, and lightweight. The shoe provides a lot of support, comfort, and shock absorption for standing, running, walking, and sprinting for all those long shifts. They are easy to clean and even better is that they are stain resistant.

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The “Bighorn Police Shoe” has many qualities in the police shoes according to the police personnel with different types of duties and shifts, such as

  • Closer lace-up - which gives the extra gripping power to the foot for better fitting.

  • Extra cushioning - This is a must feature for wearing any shoes for long hours. This is a USP of these shoes which makes the shoes most comfortable and the feet do not ache.

  • Sweat absorption - makes your feet breathe while you are wearing the shoes for long shifts.

  • Anti-skid – The shoes are made with P U soles with anti-skid and anti-slipping qualities. Police officers posted in higher rainfall and mountain areas require these kinds of shoes which make them slip resistant and safe in such kinds of environments.

  • Heat and oil resistant - These kinds of shoes are very good for police officers working in high-temperature conditions.

  • ESD safety shoes - these types of shoes are mandatory in the fields of ordinance, arms, and ammunition.

  • Anti-static - This feature makes these shoes less prone to catching fire.

  • Durability – one of the highlight features of these shoes is their durability. The shoe withstands the test of durability even with the most active police duties and does not show a scratch.

These are the genuine opinions, recommendations, and praises of the police personnel, who are wearing these shoes. They say our shoes are very sturdy, comfortable and also good looking. Officials feel safe while performing tough duties, arrangements, and long-hour jobs. Imagine if police chase a criminal and their shoes are not supporting them then it will be difficult to accomplish such tasks.

Police people have to work in different work conditions for long hours and require every ounce of support from their attires. Shoes are the most important part of the uniform. So, if they are comfortable, then the police personnel can endure any kind of physically demanding duties like standing, running, climbing, or even chasing the criminals.

Apart from the police forces, anyone can wear our shoes as they look stunning, tough, and very smart on the feet. These shoes are available on our website at a very low price along with other products like slippers, t-shirts, etc. Most of people can afford our shoes and flaunt them for their beauty and sturdiness. If you are looking for value for money, durability, and good-looking products then you must visit our website and explore the wide variety of products on it. Our brand “Faujimart” has earned its reputation by providing one of the best quality products for our respective forces all over the country for many years. We manufacture the product in such a way that they are low in price but high in quality and we hold our head high as we proudly know that we are serving the people who are the first-class citizen of the nation and sacrifice their life, sleep, and family for keeping our country and people safe.

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